This is my content and trigger warning page, where I put my content and trigger warnings.

If I missed anything, please let me know and I will try to add it to the list!

  • GENERAL: the text is written in a style that may induce anxiety in some readers. This is a work of dystopian horror fiction which may be upsetting in general.

    CLASSISM: a group of people are repeatedly referred to using the created slur "the unluxurious", and are constantly belittled for being poor throughout

    BLOOD: an image of blood bags is used in section 5, blood is also described multiple times via text throughout all sections.

    VIOLENCE: a stylized image of a gun is used in section 6, the act of shooting someone is described via text in the same section.

    SEXUAL ABUSE: a few varieties of sexual abuse are described and implied in section 7 via text, including rape under threat of death and sex with a minor

    MASS MURDER: references are made to the September 11th attacks in section 8.

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